look a tthis idiot i want 40

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Promotional shot from the launch of Classic Who on The Horror Channel at The Ivy Club back in April.

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After the destruction of their latest space craft, the Cybermen decided to rely on good old fashioned public transport to aid their quest for the conquest of earth.

The Doctor & swords

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You know what, Barbara, Tlotoxl can say whatever he wants: you look like an actual goddess with these clothes.

The Aztecs was already one of my favorite Classic Who episodes so far (the last one I watched was The Ark, for the record), and then a couple of days ago I saw a colored version of that incredible outfit that Barbara wears during most of the story… and I just HAD to draw it.


George Harrison visits Manhattan in September of 1963. The first Beatle to visit America and he did so very leisurely because his visit was a few months before Beatlemania would take America by storm. 

The top image Taken from George’s camera, George visits LIberty Island and stares across at the skyline of NYC. Second image is from George’s camera also and was taken when he visited the famous Empire State Building. Photos courtesy of Living In The Material World Book (Olivia Harrison)

"I’d been to America before, being the experienced Beatle that I was. I went to New York and St Louis in 1963, to look around, and to the countryside in Illinois, where my sister was living at the time. I went to record stores. I bought Booker T and the MGs’ first album, Green Onions, and I bought some Bobby Bland, all kind of things."

—-George Harrison, Anthology


for a person who isn’t exclusively attracted to people of the same gender I sure do say im gay a lot

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This is true art right here.

Humans are great

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